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Once upon a time there was Rocklantia...

Rocklantia is a futuristic, sci-fi, rock 'n' roll fantasy novel; in other words, the coolest book you'll ever read. Chase scenes, stage performances, romance, fist fights, dystopia, intrigue: they're all here, all with a rock 'n' roll vibe. 

​Rocklantia's references to real-life rock 'n' roll performers, albums, lyrics, and lore are too numerous to count. Some are easy to spot, while others are downright cryptic. The forums on this website allow readers to help each other decipher these.

If you're not yet a connoisseur of rock music, fear not: the novel's action, characters, and plot will carry you through. Meanwhile, the forums will give you the rock 'n' roll education you seek.

Perhaps Rocklantia is best summarized by its opening line:

It was a decent gig.